Toward clarification of high voltage / electrical discharge phenomena

熊田・藤井研究室の紹介ポスターは コチラ

Since time immemorial, high voltage and electrical discharge phenomena have been attracting people owing to their mystique. Above all, people have acquired effective principles and technologies for developing nanometer-scale devices, developing global-scale transmission network, and for solving global-scale environmental problems by clarifying such mysterious phenomena.
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the situation of power system is changing rapidly, and the resoncstrution and restructuring of power system is accelerating for the realization of a sustainable energy system. Under such circumstances, the contolling and designing technologies of high voltage/ field phenomena will become increasingly important.
We work in various researches with the latest equipment to clarify the high voltage/electric pheomena and to provide the effective technology for advanced smart power apparatus.
The poster to introduce ourselves is Here(Japanese only)

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